7 Reasons to Include Animated Explainer Video in Your Communication Strategy

Animated Explainer Video

Now more than ever, animated video is at its peak. Everything goes faster and online content has the power to reach many targets faster. With video content, you can boost your sales, but in reality, the benefits are much greater.

Simply communicate with your future customers

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so imagine an animated video! Thanks to the animated video you can communicate clearly and simply and transmit your message without interference.

There are now many techniques available and there is a solution to all your needs: storytelling, which tells a story and is, therefore, better memorized by spectators, the virtual reality which allows a total immersion experience, computer graphics for a dynamic presentation of figures or study results, and many more.

Develop your internal communication

Video is often associated with advertising, but that is not its only purpose. Indeed, you can use audiovisual content for your internal communication, whether to present a new internal organization, to create a team spirit within your company, or to communicate your company’s results to your employees. For companies with geographically distant offices, an animated explainer video can also become a real strategic tool because it allows you to organize meetings or events at a lower cost.

Internal communication must not be neglected and the video presents a fun alternative to achieve your objectives.

Improve your presence on social networks

Whatever your industry, you can be sure that at some point, someone will look for you on social networks. By using your animated videos correctly, you can capture more audiences, whether it is to present your products or explain your approach.

YouTube alone has several billion views a day. Facebook and Twitter are also very fond of video content since it is a very easy format to share. Facebook is ranked 2nd after YouTube for video broadcasting. Posting a video on your social networks has more potential for virality than any other type of content.

Create the buzz

Let’s face it, buzz is the new “word of mouth”. If someone sees your animated video online and finds it entertaining or original, they will want to share it with their network and so on, until it creates a snowball effect.

With a buzz effect, your animated video can go around the world in a few minutes so don’t miss it! Translation and subtitling services will allow you to reach an international audience.

Reuse your animated video

Are you attending a trade fair? A conference? A B2B/B2C event? Do you send a newsletter? Take advantage of this and reuse your animated video for any kind of occasion. During a public event such as a trade fair, offering a video on your stand is a real advantage because it attracts the public’s attention more easily. This gives you a good introduction to the subject, then all you have to do is challenge the spectators who will be more willing to discuss with you.

Stand out from the competition

Thanks to new technological prowess, such as Virtual Reality and 3D, you can offer your customers new experiences. Stand out from your competitors at a trade show, for example, by offering a total immersion experience in your company’s universe, with Google Cardboards. Your success is guaranteed.

360° videos are also usable on the web so no excuses not to launch yourself into the very promising market of Virtual Reality.

Increase your visibility

By multiplying your communication media on the Internet, your web referencing increases. By adding animated video to your communication media, you bring more visibility to your company on the Internet since a video is 50 times more likely to appear on a Google search.

Since 2014, there are 3 types of SEO: Natural SEO, Paid SEO, and Video SEO. Your SEO strategy must therefore combine these 3 aspects in order to bring you the best results.

You should also know that Google and YouTube have 58% of the Internet search market and that 43% of people who watch an animated video then visit the source site. Figures that reveal the potential of animated video.

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