7 Alternatives to LinkedIn

Do you know there are several other platforms that are as popular as LinkedIn? CRUX Creative Solutions, the top Social Media Marketing Company in Delhi NCR is here with the answer. Even though it is the world’s largest professional network with more than 610 million users in more than 200 countries, yet it has some weaknesses too. Because of the large size and a huge number of users, the feed does not feel personal and the content is not so relevant always. Here are seven alternatives to LinkedIn for you!


Xing is a European career-oriented social networking site that enables a small-world network for professionals. The platform allows you to stay updated with the latest news in your industry and relevant seminars, conferences, and exhibitions. Like LinkedIn, you can search for jobs, apply for jobs, and research about companies. Moreover, Xing is free to use, but you can unlock some additional features but taking premium membership as LinkedIn.


Opportunity is a networking site that connects people based upon their needs. With this platform, users are notified each time when somebody in their target market indicates that they need a skilled person like them. In addition, they can find relevant employment opportunities and people of the same skill set based upon preferences like sex, gender, interests, and personality.


Founded in 2002, Meetup is a platform used to organize online groups that host-in person events for people with similar interests. It notifies you if a professional meet up is soon going to happen, based upon your requirements. It is a great way of bringing like-minded people together, locally.

Lunch Meetup:

Similar to Meetup, Lunch Meetup is a valuable mobile app that identifies local professionals with similar interests. It is a unique networking app because you can arrange a professional Meetup on a coffee or a dinner, regardless of pulling the crowd at one place. Moreover, it allows arranging the Meetup according to the availabilities of you and the person you want to meet.

Facebook Group:

Facebook is the largest social networking site in the world, so it will be our foolishness if we cannot take advantage of Facebook for our personal uses. Although it more of a social platform, yet it can be a great source for professional networking. Just use Facebook’s search tool and find the relevant professional groups. Several Facebook groups can play an important role in shining your professional career.


Gust is the best place to start, to grow, and venture! It solely focuses on the start-ups and claims to be the world’s largest start-up network. In addition, a global SaaS funding platform helps in sourcing and management of seed funding for start-ups.  It also enables entrepreneurs to collaborate with investors and angel investor networks.


Sumry is a website app that builds online resumes and portfolios and can create a strong impression on the professionals. It aggregates your certifications, skills, work experience and allows including testimonials on your timeline, similar to LinkedIn. With the premium version, you can experience some more exciting features of Sumry.

These were the seven alternatives to LinkedIn. We are sure that they will provide a big help in your professional career. If you know any other alternative to LinkedIn, please let us know in the comment section below. We will try to incorporate them in the next feature.

Stay Tuned to your best social media marketing consultant, which is we – the CRUX Creative Solutions!

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