6 Tips for your perfect brochure

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Do you want to introduce yourself and your company in a brochure? Are you aware that your brochure is a crucial advertising tool? Would you like to know where to start and what you need? There are six easy-to-use tips for your perfect brochure in this article.

No matter whether it’s a company or product brochure, your brochure is your flagship. Demonstrate to your potential customer who you are, what service or product you offer. For this purpose, utilize a professional brochure design and high-grade materials. Within seconds, your potential customer decides if he likes it or not.

All you need is an authentic appearance with recognition value, an attractive cover, an appealing structure with clear headlines and a well-arranged structure, nice texts as well as emotive images that directly appeal to your target audience.

Tip #1: You should include these topics in your brochure

What your brochure contains depends on what you want to offer? Is this a pure product brochure or a classic company brochure design? You can choose the topics that suit your customers. Who are you? What are you doing? What are you offering? Which requirements and wishes do you fulfil? How do you benefit your customers?

Tip #2: Pick your format and structure

Consider in which format you want to create your brochure. Do you want it to be fancy or can it be a classic format? Do you distribute the brochure exclusively at a trade fair, then you are welcome to use a non-standard format. With an exceptional design you will immediately stand out and attract the attention of your potential customers.

If you also want to send the brochure by post, it is important that you find out in advance to what extent additional packaging and shipping costs will be incurred if you choose a non-standard format. Apart from the format of your brochure, a clear structure is very important. The customer is able to capture information much faster and keeps track of things when the text and graphics are clearly structured.

Tip #3: Design and Layout

Whether you use your brochure for the first contact or to inform existing customers about news – with your image brochure you want to appear professionally and uniformly in your external presentation. This is important so that you can strengthen your own brand and promote it uniformly to the outside world. Establish a high recognition value! It is especially important that you take care of the display and selection of your fonts and colors. Have you already defined company colors and fonts? Then be sure to use them. Choose the colour that suits you and your company. In the first step, you select a main color and a secondary color. For example, you can use the secondary color for special highlighting in the text or generally as a color element in your brochure.

Tip #4: Deadlines and dates

Use this tip to specify time in your brochure. We know from experience that it is very expensive to create and print a professional brochure. If you are now limited by time, you will need to create and print a new brochure in a few months, because your brochure is no longer up-to-date. If you wish to include special dates in your brochure, such as a trade fair or important workshop dates, you can simply add a custom insert sheet listing all important dates. This keeps you up to date and gives you little effort to update the expired dates.

Tip #5: Professional prints

Brochures that are printed, cut and glued together do not look professional. The design of your brochure immediately connects your customer with your company, your service or your product, and you aim to be absolutely professional.

It is imperative that you have a professional print of your brochure. A local print shop in town will give you detailed advice, provide you with the right material for your brochure and answer all your questions about printing.

Tip #6: Use the back side

You may use the back of your brochure to display the full address of your company. If you’ re not a sole proprietor, then list a contact person that you introduce to the customer with a nice photo. This appears much more personal and creates trust. Do not forget your logo, your internet and social media details!

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