$500 Facebook Ad Credit To Be Awarded To 500 Chosen Startups In India By Whatsapp

$500 Facebook ad credit to be awarded to 500 chosen startups in India by WhatsApp

Startups can use the credit to create ads that in turn will invite customers to click to open chat on WhatsApp. It will develop a connection and increase sales, as per the news media report.

Startup India and WhatsApp have partnered and the latter will be investing $250,000 in the Indian startup ecosystem. In the partnership clause, WhatsApp will be giving $500 ad credit each to chosen 500 startups in India.

Currently, Indian entrepreneurs are the fore-runner in bringing an impactful socio-economic change. So, the instant messaging platform has extended support to the start-up movement in India. The credit of $500 can be utilized by startups to create ads and invite the audience to click open a chat.

If there are 5 million businesses in the entire world, at least a million in India are using the WhatsApp Business app to connect with their current customers and target audience.

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In order to qualify for the Facebook ad credits, Indian startup must be associated and recognized by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade under the Ministry of Commerce.

The startup must be at an early stage or at least at a scalable stage to secure the investment.


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