5 unique ideas to create a brochure that stands out from the crowd

corporate brochure designing

What did you do with the last brochure you received in your mailbox?

Admit it: unless you were very passionate about it, it probably ended up in the recycling bin before it was even opened.

Of course, you would not want your own brochures to suffer the same fate.

And imagine that it is possible to interest all your recipients (or almost) by adding a touch of originality to your creations: cuts, folds and other small bonuses that will prevent you from investing in your favorite printers in vain.

Enhance your communication with a pop-up brochure

Not only children like to open a book and see a set being built in 3D.

Adults will also be amazed when they discover your latest model of raised vacuum cleaner when they open your brochure.

The advantage of this process, in addition to distinguishing it from a flat representation, is that it directly puts your product in a situation. It immediately takes on more prominence, literally and figuratively.

We forget the potential boredom of a “simple” photo for a powerful impact and that will please adults and children alike. Do more (with bonus gifts)

What do you use your brochure for?

To communicate about your services, to encourage prospects to order, to allow them to remember you after leaving you. So go through with this process!

Attach stickers, pre-cut offers… In short, small gifts that can easily accompany your future customers wherever they go.

Use the cuts to better show yourself

Your documents do not necessarily have to be made up of flat, well-filled sheets.

On the cover, or even inside, play with the cutting shapes. This may be an opportunity to let other visuals behind your company’s name guess or to bring a little animation to the reading.

For more relevance, you will obviously have to think not only about which word or shape to cut, but also about what appears on the next page.
The brochure design process is therefore more global, but it is also a way of demonstrating your way of working.

Put some relief on it

It is very difficult to resist embossed papers: their hollows and bumps call for contact.

At some point, the person holding an embossed brochure will want to touch it, to caress it.

You therefore add a kinesthetic message to your communication, based almost essentially on the visual. It’s an added asset up your sleeve.

Embossed paper is mostly reserved for book covers, if only for its cost and the thickness of paper required.

Its relative rarity, still in our time, gives it an almost luxurious appearance on which you can also play.

Explore your limits

Too often, brochures are still presented in rectangular form, with pages to turn. Certainly, it can be reassuring to rely on basics. But it’s especially terribly boring.

If your industry allows it, look for other ways to showcase yourself. Why not a triangular brochure, which then unfolds in all directions to give your information? Or circular flyers?

You can also imagine fold concepts that propose other reading paths. Your potential readers will be more concentrated when browsing them than when browsing a classic leaflet… You will therefore gain in attention and efficiency!

You will have understood it: the difference is mainly a question of presentation. Get out of traditional frames to better show yourself!

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