5 tips for creating an effective digital brochure

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If you wish to develop your offer and build customer loyalty, it may be interesting to offer an interactive version of your documents and media. Indeed, it can be a good alternative to the classic brochure by offering an innovative, multimedia and more easily accessible format. It’s also a good way to stand out and surprise your readers. How to create an effective digital brochure? Crux Creative Solutions reveals 5 tips!

5 tips for creating an effective digital brochure

According to Mediametrics, an individual spends an average of 5 hours a day on the Internet, nearly 40% of which is spent on smartphones or tablets. It is therefore essential to use a multi-channel solution such as the digital brochure or interactive magazine to make your documents accessible online on all media.

1) Insert dynamic content

Why not use the advantages of digital to enrich your publication? Indeed, a document that comes to life strengthens the pleasure of consultation. To improve your user’s reading experience, you can rely on dynamic content such as a video that launches automatically or the integration of a scrolling slideshow to illustrate your pages. The aim is to bring your content to life by making it more visible and dynamic.

2) Make some areas interactive

To involve the Internet user and draw his attention to certain elements, it is essential to make certain areas interactive in your digital brochure design. For example, to enhance a product, you can allow the user to zoom in on it. You can also add external links and share buttons to invite readers to share your publications.

3) Play with the effects

To make your digital brochure design creative and enjoyable to read, it is important to add effects to entertain the user. For example, the flip effect imitates a page. The user thus has the impression to explore the publication by reliving the same readability as on a classic paper. Another example, the slide effect imitates an effect glisse between each and allows on the contrary to better ink the publication.

4) Create strategic features

It is important to simplify and facilitate navigation for Internet users. There’s nothing better than creating features that are tailored to your media and the needs of your readers. You can for example insert a search bar to allow users to easily find content; a navigation summary, a full screen mode, a slideshow of your pages in thumbnail form or insert a button to download your documents.

5) Guarantee all-support compatibility

Finally, when you wish to create a digital brochure or an interactive magazine, it is essential to call upon a professional in order to guarantee a total compatibility with the current navigators and this with all the supports (mobiles, tablets or computers).


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