5 Steps Process to Get The Best Logo Design

5 Steps Process to Get The Best Logo Design

The foremost way to register the brand’s identity is through catchy and relatable logo design. Even after so many digital ways of promoting a band, a logo is still one of the most essential aspects of brand value. The integral part of a logo design is how it is conveying the business idea. We, at Crux Creative Solutions, a leading logo designing company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR takes the responsibility of designing the best logo design for our clients. The pattern of a logo has to be in a familiar pattern which is easily recognizable. A company’s growth and brand value depend highly on how creative and constructive the logo design is. If you are looking for a logo design service in Delhi NCR, that has a knack to create a trendy and stylish logo, look no further. Crux is the answer, our expert designing team through proper research about the company and latest patterns, design the logo that is inviting to the prospective customer base.

The top design that is currently trending in the market includes:

  • Abstract Geometric Design: adding a twist to the typical geometric pattern gives it whole new trendy approach which is simple to register.
  • Minimalistic Design: ‘less is more’ and this is also applicable to logo designs.
  • Adjustable Design: With brands making their presence in all kind of spaces, offline and online, it is essential to design responsive logos to fit each platform.
  • Negative Spacing: it is the best way to add a little aspect of the company in the negative space, which allows a logo to be recognizable.
  • Optical Illusion Design: this design type gives a creative approach to the logo, making it in the list of trendy and stylish.


Crux Creative Solutions, a creative agency in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR have hired professionals who have various design tricks under their sleeves, helps in creating the most unique and brand-oriented logos.

Process of creating a Logo:

  1. RESEARCH: A proper research is a first and foremost process when it comes to designing. This will give an idea to the designer about the company, its audience, demography and platform it caters. The experts at CRUX have an opinion that without conducting proper research the process of logo designing cannot be satisfactory. We are the custom logo design company in Gurgaon, rendering to all of your brand’s need.
  2. DESIGN BRIEF: Once we are done with the research and have accumulated enough data, our team of professionals reaches out to the company to discuss and get a brief on how the company view the design and take note of that.
  3. CONCEPT INTO REALITY: The rigorous research and brief from the company allow turning the concept of the logo to reality. The design is then made keeping in mind various details that have been gathered through research.
  4. FILLING IN COLOURS: The design is incomplete without the use of proper colours. We all know how colours can affect the mind of the people and also the colour is extremely personal to the company.
  5. CLIENT APPROVAL: Once the design is ready, colouring and sketching is properly put, one can assume that the task is done. But it is not. The company has to like the design; the view of the company is the most important part. Before customers can relate to the logo, company has to love the logo.


Crux Creative Solutions is an ultimate destination for creating logo designs that are crisp, forward and trendy. Our research, design and content team together, works for you to bring alive the brand value through a logo. This is what makes us the leading Logo Designing Agency in Delhi NCR.

Do you want to design a good logo? Sounds like a very easy task, doesn’t it? Draw a circle, type in the name of your company and you are done. Here you can read: Tips for creating a good logo


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