5 reasons why a strong brand is valuable for B2B companies

When you think of a strong brand, you soon think of Coca-Cola, Apple or Disney: all consumer brands. The B2B sector pays less attention to brands. Yes, there are a number of well-known large B2B brands such as SAP, Microsoft and IBM, but within the SME sector brands have not yet really broken through. It is striking that many of the well-presented B2B brands are also active in the B2C market. They have seen how valuable having a corporate branding for B2C and are now using it to differentiate themselves in the B2B market. A brand can also be very valuable for smaller B2B companies. Crux Creative Solutions is a No. 1 branding agency in India will give you 5 reasons for this.

Corporate branding

Differentiation in a homogeneous market

One of the most important functions of a brand is to distinguish your company from the competition. This is particularly important if you operate in a homogeneous, transparent market. If the specifications or tangible characteristics of your product or service are equivalent and information about price, functionality, service, distribution and logistics is freely accessible, you will have to distinguish yourself in other ways. A strong brand can help. You then shift your focus to the immaterial, emotional characteristics of your company. By promoting your unique brand identity and brand personality, you can distinguish yourself in every market.

The importance of personality in a service industry

In the B2B market, service is very important. Not only in services, but also around complex products. This means that you have a lot to do with people. The personal aspect therefore plays an important role in the decision-making process. In the time of personal contact, the personal connection was quickly made. But now that the B2B buyer buying cycle is increasingly taking place online, the challenge arises to also be digitally personal. A strong brand identity helps you to do this. Humanize your business in your online content, both in image and in text. Promote your values and tell your story. This way, your target group retains the feeling that they are doing business with people, rather than with an institution.

Building long-term partnerships

Another advantage of a strong brand personality is that the customer can more easily build an emotional bond with your brand. This is how you create loyal customers who feel a connection with your. In the B2B market there are often long-term partnerships. A good brand-client relationship ensures that the partnership is strong, which increases the likelihood of repeat purchases. For example, your trademark may not have played a decisive role in the initial purchase, but loyalty and connection to your trademark are crucial in the event of a contract extension or repeat purchase.

Creating a “reason to buy”

Some companies have an easy time of it, they sell products that every company needs. Think of printing paper or telephones. However, there are also many products and services for which there is no immediate need. It is up to you to convince your potential customer that he does need that product or service. So you have to create a ‘reason to buy’. A good way to do this is by using a strong story. Once upon a time there was a problem, then the hero (your company!) came up and solved everything! The story of the ‘why’ of your product or service is packaged in your brand. This tells the potential customer what you can do for him or her. Not only in the functional field, but especially in the emotional field. Do you offer stability, order or flexibility? With a strong brand you create a ‘reason to buy’ for your target audience.

Be known to all decision-makers

In the B2B market, the decision-making process is often lengthy and involves many people. The managers may make the decision, but they do ask for input from the end users. You have a great advantage if you, as a company, are known to all involved and decision makers. People prefer something they already know. A brand helps you build that reputation. By conveying a consistent image to the outside world, both visually and verbally, you ensure recognition. If, by means of good marketing and communication, you make sure that your target audience repeatedly sees that image, they will remember you. This way you make sure that you are in the picture at the moment it matters.

A strong brand as the basis for modern B2B marketing

You now know why a strong corporate branding is also valuable for B2B companies. When you start working with modern B2B marketing, it is wise to first discover your brand and formulate it. The brand then provides the basis for all your marketing activities and resources.

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