5 marketing automation misconceptions

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Crux Creative Solutions is a Digital Marketing Services Agency in India have already realized the importance of automation marketing as one of the top trending activities over the last few years and digital marketing automation has given rise to many misconceptions as well.. Let’s discuss about the top 5 common marketing automation misconceptions.

1. The marketing automation is impersonal

Automation marketing is not personalized when you don’t know how to use it. Any automation marketing tool allows you to customize your prospects communications through custom fields. If you properly segment your contact base, you can send the right message at the right time on the right channel, thanks to your automation marketing tool.

Automation marketing tools allow you to customize your messages to your target audience like no other mass mailing tool has ever done before.

2. Marketing automation is the same as e-mail automation

Email automation is a part of automation marketing. In marketing automation it is possible to address other than email marketing such as social networks, sms or sending postal mail.

An automation marketing tool is also used to feed your CRM and thus becomes a precious ally for your sales representatives, in particular, to lead scoring which detects weak signals indicating that it is perhaps time to contact the prospect to turn him into a customer.

An automation marketing tool is used to nurturing your leads in various ways, including sending email, but also to track the progress of your prospects through the pages visited on your website, as well as the resources they have downloaded.

3. We just set up the scenarios and don’t touch them anymore.

Creating automation marketing scenarios is pretty easy with the right tools. But, once installed, it is essential to follow the scenarios and improve them as they happen. Indeed, if you do not optimize the scenarios according to the KPI, you have bought a tool and implemented scenarios that will not be useful to you.

4. A CRM is a marketing automation tool

Many people are confused with CRM and an automation marketing tool. You should know that an automation marketing tool can integrate a CRM like ActiveCampaign. However, both tools are totally different. An automation marketing tool is used before CRM. It allows you to boost the lead in marketing before sending it to sales as hot prospects.

CRM and the automation marketing tool are complementary. However a CRM is not an automation marketing tool and it does not necessarily have CRM functionality. If you are considering an automation marketing tool, make sure it can connect to existing CRM, otherwise you risk missing business opportunities.

5. This is reserved for larger groups

Some automation marketing software is indeed more intended for large groups such as Marketo or Eloqua. But in recent years, very good tools have met the automation needs of various small businesses, with prices adapted to these professionals.

Before choosing your automation marketing tool, thoroughly analyze your requirements to be sure that the tool will meet them.

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