4 types of video to use for your business!

animated business video production

Video will represent 79% of Internet traffic by 2018!

As a young company that wants to live with the times and exploit new means of communication, you must ride this wave.

The video will allow you to present your company, your new product, maintain a relationship with your customers, build trust, educate your visitors, provide them with solutions, train them, etc.

There are 4 main types of very powerful videos on the Internet:

1. The Explanatory Video

You are primarily looking to solve a problem that your customers may have, and to which your company or product may be the solution.

We talked about it recently, the goal is first to be interested in the customer before being interested in the company’s profit.

By answering many of his problems through several tutorial videos, you build his loyalty and become in his eyes a referent, the expert in a specific field.

You therefore affirm your know-how, attract the confidence of your customers who will therefore more easily tend to buy your products from you because you have helped them.

2. The Video Testimony

What better way to convince a prospect than with a satisfied customer!

You use your customer’s feedback, which will be the best guarantee of security and trust for your visitors.

To have an objective opinion on a product, they know very well that they will not go to a seller, but someone who has already been able to try and use this product before them.

Indeed, by bringing in front of the camera, customers who have been able to test your services, you affirm the confidence they have in you, and at the same time you create it among your prospects.

3. The Backstage Video

You can also have your employees testify! The goal may be to show the atmosphere that prevails in your company to show your seriousness, or on the contrary a completely crazy team!

You can expect serenity and security from a banking service or real estate agency. But from a comedy agency, a farm, or a comedy theater company, of course, you will expect other atmospheres.

In the same vein, some companies have wanted to be noticed through viral videos, flashmob, lipdub or other. And for some, it has created real buzz!

4. The Demo Video

Your product becomes the video star!

You show your product in action, show these features, proving their ease of use, their ergonomics.

Highlight all the qualities of your product in a simple and effective, clear and concise way, and why not original!

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