4 tips to improve the performance of your emailing campaigns!

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Despite the emergence of social networks, emailing is still the best way to get in touch with your customers and prospects. Inexpensive, simple and quick to set up, this is also one of the reasons for its success. However, with this success, email tends to be perceived as spam by consumers and tends to annoy them.

Here are 4 tips for a successful emailing campaign!

1. Use only qualified addresses!

From an inbound point of view, there is no question of using email addresses retrieved I don’t know where and by I don’t know which service. The best solution to build a solid and qualified email base is to do it yourself!

To do this, you can use different methods such as email address retrieval when you offer to download your white paper, or by subscribing to your newsletter. Thus, you are already sure to interest your prospect as much as possible because it is he who gives you his email address.

2. Segment your email database

As in any good tool supporting inbound marketing, it is necessary to segment. It may not be the most telling, but to illustrate the problem of poor segmentation, I remind you of this small example: Do you think that an unconditional fan of “brutal” death metal is interested in the release of the new album of the pop star of the moment?

Segmenting is very simple! Look at how you got the email addresses of your prospects. You have managed to get the address of such a person after downloading your white paper “Creating a website”, so it would be wise to classify it as a person who is interested in creating websites.

Do you see the idea?

3. Personalize your emails

The fact of personalizing your emails is immediately better perceived by your prospects. For example, if you have it, why not use the first name of the person to whom you are sending the email? This adds a human touch to your campaigns.

Customization even concerns the content you will send to your prospect. To take the example of the 2nd advice, it would be wise to send this person information on the new website realizations that you are currently doing or that you have completed. This supports your expertise in the eyes of prospects and gives you more credibility. In addition, the prospect’s interest is increased as he receives information on what interests him directly.

4. Automate, but not robotize!

In order to save time and be more productive, you can automate certain tasks such as sending a welcome email after a registration. But make sure that this automation keeps a human side in a certain way, i.e. that it answers the 3 previous advises.

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