4 tips for communicating on social networks

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Will the use of social media continue? We think so, but the way they are used will surely change. As we see every day, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly evolving. They seek to improve, find new potential, and therefore add new features. Thanks to certain platforms, new commercial opportunities appear, allowing companies to reach their prospects differently. Social networks can therefore increase brand awareness and image.

Thanks to social networks, you can do a lot of research on your competitors. So remember to keep up to date on the evolution of the social media used. For SMEs, I advise spending time on these networks.

Here are some tips to make the most of social networks:

1. Make a plan

Like most things in life, the use of social platforms requires organization. One of the first questions to ask when choosing the right network is: What do you want these social media to do for your business? How can they add value to it? How much time can you spend with them every day?

After answering these first questions, start with your important events throughout the year on which you can gather your community.

Many companies create a precise calendar of events to communicate upstream. You can simply do it on an Excel sheet. Then all you have to do is create this calendar together with all your employees. Managing your corporate social networks as a team is a very good thing and it will create a group dynamic.

2. Create interesting content for your customers

To create interaction with your customers, publishing content about your business and industry is very important. So the Inbound Marketing strategy is a very good communication technique with your customers. It is a particular form of marketing that makes it possible to bring the customer to oneself rather than to seek him as in the traditional forms. This concept is therefore similar to marketing permission, which requires the customer’s agreement before requesting it.

Then, if possible, publish articles written by your employees. If you can’t, or are an entrepreneur, force yourself to write one article a day. If you feel you do not have the time, do not hesitate to entrust this mission to the agency 1min30 Paris, which will be happy to help you in your strategy of content distribution to your customers on social networks.

3. Don’t focus on the number of followers

We all want to have as many followers as possible on our social platforms. And thousands of followers on our Facebook or Twitter page. Don’t rush things, your followers will happen over time. If you are a small business, engage your community and involve them in your publications. Then, you will know if your articles interest your community by analyzing the number of shares and comments on different topics.

It is therefore very important, at this stage of communication on your social platforms, to engage your community. Do not hesitate to present your products, innovations, services to them: your customers will feel more reassured and will not hesitate to share or to make contact with you.

4. Find your social partner through an agency

Time is of the essence for the deployment of your communication on your social platforms. If you don’t have enough time to devote to it, and since you don’t have to give up your presence on social networks, call on an Facebook marketing agency like us. We at “Crux – Social media agency in India” will answer all your needs to help you in your communication.

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