4 good reasons why your marketing needs a whiteboard video

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They say a picture says more than a thousand words. But what if you can have both? A whiteboard animated video is an effective tool for salespeople who want to convey complex ideas in a convincing and simple way without a complex video production. Using professional audio quality and real-time animation, a whiteboard video brings even dry content to life and makes it interesting. If you don’t believe us, here are four more arguments for using a whiteboard video in your next marketing project.

A whiteboard animated video is surprisingly easy to create

Don’t let the thought of making a marketing video discourage you. Crux Creative Solutions is a animated business video production company in India that specialized in whiteboard animation and can do it quickly and painlessly. To enable our customers to express their wishes as precisely as possible, we start the production of each whiteboard video with a questionnaire in which the customers can enter their goals, the most important aspects of their product and possible visualizations. Next, we create a script that the customer checks, and then a storyboard. Because we also take over the animation, we can perfectly coordinate the script and the graphic elements, so that everything is synchronized. The storyboard goes back to the customer for review.

Once the script and storyboard have been revised and approved, the customer chooses a voice-over voice, i.e. the speaker, for the dubbing. When the sound for the whiteboard video is set, the graphic artists take over the animations. Your job is to bring the storyboard elements to life. Storyboards are rough sketches showing all scenes of the whiteboard video in text and images. Our creative team then carefully implements the ideas of the storyboard and turns them into an exciting animated explainer video.

The whole process takes only a few weeks with minimal effort on your end. The end product will be a professional animated video that will optimize your marketing.

Whiteboard video costs less than you think

Producing a high-quality marketing video does not have to be expensive. We provide whiteboard animated video service at affordable prices, so that you can influence the costs in advance by concentrating on the essentials.

Why whiteboard captivates video

Information conveyed by whiteboard video can be particularly well anchored in long-term memory. This way, viewers will keep their information longer than when it is presented to them via other media. In addition, the whiteboard video style is particularly suited to captivate the attention and interest of the viewer.

As simple the object is, the less effort the brain has to make to process the image. When neuropsychology is applied to whiteboards, one could say: We are so “wired” that we can record the simplicity of whiteboard video with little effort. We can use the “computing power” saved in this way to thoroughly digest the story. The creative implementation of the information in the whiteboard video offers a lively visual sequence so that viewers can record the content step by step. This will cast a spell over them and they are sure to attract your attention.

The step-by-step transmission of the key message by the drawn characters creates a good feeling by releasing the neurological transmitter dopamine. Viewers of whiteboard animated videos are automatically rewarded by their own brains to receive your advertising message.

A whiteboard animated video spreads by itself.

A whiteboard animated video appeals to the masses. It works regardless of age, gender, receptive behaviour or level of education. The viewer of a whiteboard video divides the video more often in social media and often buys and recommends the presented product or service. The recipients can also very well remember the message conveyed. Any sharing and recommending your whiteboard video means free advertising for your company.

Considering how cheap and effective a whiteboard video is, it is surprising that it is not used more often in marketing.

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