3 Reasons Why Video Culture Is A Great Tool For Marketing


We all have been consuming videos in some form. The long ride from home to work or just while passing time at home, it is an easier way to be entertained and updated. If research on Facebook is to be believed, more than 13 billion videos are viewed each day on FB and YouTube combined. The number of videos we will end up consumed by the end of our lives is mind-boggling.

In this new era, news and advertisements are watched and not just read. At Crux Creative Solutions, the leading animated video production company in Gurgaon,  we have the best designers, video editors, content creator and an entire team of tech-savvy professionals to create a unique, tailored and engaging video for our client. 

Crux has been creating interesting videos since its inception while keeping ourselves updated, but before getting into that, we should learn as to why we are so open to video consumption suddenly?

Advancement in technology

The major factor that leads to the sudden and instant growth of video culture is through penetration of internet and smartphones. Unlike earlier, where video viewing was an organized affair, it required various tools to have access to a video. With smartphones and tablets, videos can be watched anywhere with convenience. The hassle-free internet throughout the country and the world has hiked up video culture.

Simpler to connect

Videos are easily accessible. Not just for viewing but creating videos is not as time taking as it was supposed to be. The fast available internet, availability of cameras and almost daily update in technology has made creating, posting and viewing videos simpler. But, technology cannot substitute talent, for business purpose, a video has to be exceptional and top notch, for it to be registered in the minds. For that, a professional should be trusted. Crux Creative Solutions is the best-animated video production company in Delhi NCR, proven by the list of clients we serve each day, creating customized videos suiting the needs, demands and expectations.


The easily available internet and access to all kinds of technology have changed how individuals perceive and react to videos. Each one of us has been accustomed to watching videos than to read or just watch an image. As the entire descriptive information can be passed on at once, the chances of miscommunication are really low. And imagine, all of this is happening over the internet, not anywhere else but on the internet.

It is almost suicidal if the business does not ride on this bandwagon, the more you are seen, and the more valuable your brand is. Before the public can relate to your product/service, they connect to the unique advertisement tool. Video is a great way to convince the prospective customer to make use of your services, increasing website visits, which in turn will augment the sales.

Since the video culture is rising, so are animated video production companies in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and all around India. But, if the company does not have an unmatched talent to create videos that are uniquely yours, it can be a mess. This can put a dent on your company’s image. We, at Crux Creative Solutions, the trusted corporate video production company in Delhi NCR, ensure to provide you with customized videos that are ‘uniquely yours’.


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