In A Bid To Prevent Misinformation About Corona-virus, Facebook Will Take Strict Action Against Misleading Ads

According to reports floating around, the social media giant has also rolled out similar policies for its Marketplace platform. Facebook has confirmed in a statement that it will prevent the spreading of misinformation and panic. In a statement released, the social media giant has said that it will take strict actions against misleading ads that spread panic about coronavirus. Facebook […]

Satya Nadella Talks About Tech Compatibility, AI, Cyber Security & Much More At Future Decoded Event In Mumbai

As the Indian Government laid out a grand welcome for the US President Donald Trump in the Agra city; In Mumbai, an impressive show was held at Microsoft’s Future Decoded CEO Summit for Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella. Nadella is in India for his three-day visit. While addressing the audience, he said that the last ten years have been incredibly amazing […]

SEO Industry Evolution: Voice Search Took Over the Internet

Apple’s ‘Siri, Microsoft’s ‘Cortana’, Google’s ‘Bolo’ and even Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ have led to the evolution of how customers search for information these days. By the year 2021, a minimum of 75 percent of users in India would be a vernacular content user base, according to a recent report. All of this is possible due to the development and launch of […]

Premium Content may now be Payable for Publishers on Google

Paying for news will definitely branch off from the Alphabet-owned internet titan’s practice where it conveniently mines the internet for content it displays in search results. Google is in talks for negotiations with news outlets, where media organizations will be paying for the content they publish. This move is to eliminate blunting criticism that it unfairly profits from copyrighted news. […]

Mera Internet: Tiktok Urges User To Create Short Videos On Internet Safety

Short Videos app TikTok is calling for internet safety with ‘Mera Internet’. This feature encourages users to create short videos on internet safety. The in-app safety campaign #MeraInternet launched by TikTok is now used to celebrate Safer Internet Day (SID) 2020. Safer Internet Day is a landmark event worldwide and is celebrated in approximately 140 countries. TikTok today announced several […]