7 Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy

Many companies now integrate social media into their marketing and communication plans, but they often forget to focus on the conception of a social media strategy from the outset. Without a clearly defined strategy, however, your plan for a successful social media presence will not work. Social media strategy – step by step Before you can even begin to make […]

Why is brand image so important?

We often hear that brand image is important and must be cared for. You may have already noticed that some brands attract more attention than others. But then how do you create a good brand image? What makes one brand more attractive to us than another? And what does a brand image bring to a company? When a company communicates […]

How to make a good video animation?

Visual content such as computer graphics and video animations are a real added value for a company. They make it possible to relay complex or boring information on your site and social networks in a very simple and entertaining way, hence their virality. If there are free tools to edit computer graphics, making a animated video requires real know-how, professional […]

How to Develop an Effective Social Media Strategy?

With the proliferation of social networks on the web, some companies can sometimes feel confused about so much variety. Indeed, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat are just a few of the many platforms. Did you know that creating social media content is a long-term investment? Indeed, the proximity, interactivity, and instantaneous nature of these tools make it possible to […]

How to improve your company’s brand image?

In a context of strong competition, each company must seek to differentiate itself in the eyes of its customers or prospects. This requires the enhancement of its brand image. How to generate a brand image that is valued and sustainable over time? Taking advantage of customer knowledge and questionnaires are among the elements not to be overlooked. What determines a […]

The history of marketing

This is hard for many to believe, but compared to the economy, production and operations, accounting and other sectors, marketing is a relatively young discipline that emerged in the early 1900s. Before that time, most of the issues that are now commonly associated with marketing were either considered to be part of the basic concepts of the economy (e. g. […]