How to enhance your brochure with interviews

  Interviews are a good way to bring “life” into a brochure. They read with pleasure, because people (mostly) find other people interesting. With the right questions and good communication skills, employees, suppliers or customers are happy to open up and provide insightful information that not only offers the reader added value, but also appeals to the interpersonal level. Here […]

Brand identity: Friedman or Faber?

The debate is ignited between the ideas of Milton Friedman, an economist guru in the 1970s with his book “The Social Responsibility of Business is to increase its profits” and those of Emmanuel Faber, president of Danone, very sensitive to a new vision of the company based on sharing and social justice. Indeed, some argue forcefully that good feelings have […]

7 common mistakes when creating brochures

Designing and creating a brochure is a complex task – many things have to be considered: from the rough concept to the fixing of the content to the organisation of photos, text, graphics and printing. And at any time, minor or major errors can occur – either because you have not planned sufficiently in advance; or because you simply become […]

A real customer relationship: the marketing approach targeted by “lifestyle”, make buy your product

This is the crucial moment when your brand will enter in relation with your customers, your prospects, your clients. The customer relationship is the point where the relationship between your product and the perception of your potential customers will trigger a buying act on the different points of contact that technology and traditional media offer today. Whether we are talking […]