6 mistakes not to make in visual identity

Creating an effective and relevant visual identity is a delicate expertise and pedagogy towards actors without real graphic skills. So it is common to see some errors when developing a visual identity. We therefore invite you to discover the mistakes not to make: 1. Have a disjointed visual identity A graphic identity is your identity card on the web, on […]

Design brochures: How to make the cover?

The cover is the packaging of your brochure. And you should pay a corresponding amount of attention to the design of the first page – not only from a graphical point of view. The content of the cover must offer more than a logo, company name and statement in the style of “Committed to Progress”, supplemented by a boring photo […]

The importance of social media in digital marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat. Social networks are attracting more and more people to the Internet. Initially related to a hobby, these platforms have become real marketing assets for companies. It is now essential and essential for the latter to learn how to use them to address new targets and develop their market. This new communication channel not only strengthens […]

Brand Identity: The Foundation Of Your Business

A true pillar of your business, brand identity is the solid foundation that will guide you to success. Brand identity allows you to define the permanent and evolving elements of your brand. It allows you to remain consistent between all communication channels over time. Brand identity is what your business and your company really is. It is built on your […]

Designing Brochures: Caption Texting

Captions are among the most widely read texts in brochures. Why? Take a look at yourself: When you pick up a brochure designing, you usually start by quickly browsing through it, looking at the photos and reading the caption for those pictures that appeal to you most. Only then do you deal with the longer text blocks. Take advantage of […]

5 techniques to make professional and creative videos

Some of the techniques presented in this article will not seem foreign to you and are widespread in professional animated videos. Others are unfairly set aside by audiovisual professionals as “unsuitable for professional animated videos”. 1. Motion Animated Design Motion Animated Design is certainly the best-known technique for commercial videos. Why? Simply because its definition is broad and encompasses several […]

4 tips for communicating on social networks

Will the use of social media continue? We think so, but the way they are used will surely change. As we see every day, platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are constantly evolving. They seek to improve, find new potential, and therefore add new features. Thanks to certain platforms, new commercial opportunities appear, allowing companies to reach their prospects […]