An Animated Explainer Video On the Whiteboard, But What Are The Benefits?

Did you know that? Whiteboard videos would increase the rate of information memorization by 15% compared to conventional video. That’s why this type of animated explainer video is so popular with marketers and audiences alike. Here are 3 impacting uses of the whiteboard animated business video. It’s a fact: whiteboard videos are as popular as they keep viewers engaged and […]

Branding content strategy. And impertinence too.

“There’s only one horrible thing in this world, one irremissible sin: boredom” Oscar Wilde How right he is: what speech, so profound in its content, so interesting in its content, resists boredom and numbness when, in addition, the speaker says it in a monotone voice waiting himself for the end of his speech. Certainly, thinking he was doing well, he […]

Email marketing: which colours to choose

Any colours used can have an impact on the effectiveness of your emailer design. The notion of colour psychology therefore plays a very important role. We will describe in the next paragraphs the importance of colors. The use of one colour rather than another can influence the following objectives: The opening rate The click-through rate The reactivity rate Churn rate […]

How to create strong brochure – Tips for content and concept

Despite websites, newsletters, etc., brochures still have a firm place among marketing instruments. And rightly so. Because unlike the volatile online media, brochures with a well thought-out concept and informative content have a lasting value. They give weight to a company’s statements and describe the offer in condensed form. They also give a company a visual dimension: a well-designed brochure […]

How To Automate Social Networks Intelligently

For many years, social media have become essential for communication and marketing strategy. There are some social media for all needs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and many others. Each of these media is an acquisition channel for your marketing strategy and you should not deprive yourself of it! There is however a major problem: sharing content […]