How important is the digital transformation?

Digital technology has drastically transformed the way companies operate. Use of new information and communications technologies is vital, especially to build customer loyalty and thus face competition. Crux Creative Solutions is a digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR that provides an online marketing service for all large to small scale companies. How does digital transformation work in practice? Digital has […]

10 quick tips to start with social media

In order to regain some control over the ever-changing digital world, we provide the 10 key elements of a strong social media strategy. 1. Who is your target audience? Have you already defined your target audience? But really determined? Who are the people who come into contact with your organisation the most? What is their age? Where do they live? […]

Step-by-step guide for creating an online marketing strategy

We can be sure that online marketing is becoming very important for companies. No matter if is a banner advertising, social media, affiliate marketing or blogging there are always many possibilities. Companies are increasingly using them for their own purposes. So, the competition is huge. That is why it is important to do everything with a good strategy. However, setting […]