What Is The Role Of Social Media In Digital Marketing?

Theoretically, people may not know what Social Media or Social Networks are. But, they surely associate the concept with the functions of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others. These make up the universe of interactivity, where content is the key to success. Social networks or social media, such as online media, are digital spaces where people share common interests. For […]

B2B Online Marketing To Build Your Digital Strategy

Internet has become an additional and essential channel in the company’s business development strategy to recruit new customers. Online marketing allows the company to benefit from buyer’s research on the internet, and to position the company at the right time in the buying cycle of B2B buyers. This new form of prospecting, whose objective is lead generation, uses various online […]

Twitter provides a better conversation environment by tackling “trolls”

In March, Twitter introduced a new approach to improving the tone of public conversation on the social media platform. An important element that is now being tackled is the so-called ‘trolls’. Troll behaviour can be fun, well intention and humorous. But troll behaviour can also disrupt and distract public conversation on a social media platform, especially in conversations and within […]

The brand that lives in people’s hearts and minds

In a word, your brand corresponds to the way your company is perceived by ordinary people. It is an emotional expression of your values, carefully thought out, that people will carry in their hearts and minds. Branding is a series of actions you will undertake to cultivate your brand. When properly implemented, branding becomes a symphony of designs, language and […]

5 marketing automation misconceptions

Crux Creative Solutions is a Digital Marketing Services Agency in India have already realized the importance of automation marketing as one of the top trending activities over the last few years and digital marketing automation has given rise to many misconceptions as well.. Let’s discuss about the top 5 common marketing automation misconceptions. 1. The marketing automation is impersonal Automation […]

How to Build a Strong Brand Identity?

Brand is an identity through which people see you, recognize you and identify you. So you should not think too much about it before you start building it. Crux Creative Solutions is an established branding agency in India that will provide some tips to find out where to start, and how to implement a strong brand identity, follow our tips. […]