10 tips for creating your own company logo

design own logo

To create a coherent and effective company logo yourself, it is a good idea to take advantage of some well-considered advice. It should be noted that the logo is the cornerstone of your visual identity and communication, which is present on all your company documents.

A good logo allows you to stand out from the competition, and to strengthen your identity with your customers and prospects. With a well thought-out logo creation, you can increase your visibility and find new customers and partners.

What is a company logo?

As a reminder, the logo is a graphic representation in a simplified form, which represents:

  • An entity,
  • A company,
  • A service,
  • Or a product.

A company logo can be presented in different forms: pictogram, font, symbol, etc.

An effective corporate logo can help you strengthen your corporate identity, whether by differentiating yourself from the competition or simply by making a greater impact on the consumer’s mind.

Our 10 expert tips for creating a company logo

If you have a minimum of creativity and graphic design knowledge, you can consider creating your company logo without going through a communication agency or a dedicated graphic designer.

But be careful, creating your own company logo is a delicate task, and requires a lot of time and thought.

To guide you through this step, we have collected 10 basic tips for creating logos. By following our few tips, you will create a well thought-out and powerful logo:

1. Colors: for a clear and striking logo, we advise you to limit yourself to a maximum of three colours. The best way is to create a monochrome or two-colored logo (one or two colours), which avoids the risk of overloading.

2. Typographies: As with colours, we recommend a maximum of three fonts. Choose up to two fonts for the company name and a third for the baseline (slogan), if necessary. Remember to play with the spacing of the letters, so as to air your logo and make it more subtle and readable.

3. Shape: Shape is one of the most fundamental aspects when designing your logo. A logo can be square, triangular, shield-shaped or circular. A clear and definitive shape allows you to structure your logo and make it pleasant at first glance.

4. Readability: Always make sure that your logo is perfectly readable, both near and far. Ideally, it should be identifiable at a distance of one meter, even if it is the size of a postage stamp. Feel free to ask several people to read and identify your logo and its content, in order to check its readability.

5. Sobriety: the aspect most often neglected when designing a logo is sobriety. The simpler a logo is, the more striking and catchy it is. The human brain does not take into account more than three pieces of information contained in a logo (such as a font, shape and color). The more complex a logo is, the less memorable it is. Adding a multitude of symbols and pictograms will therefore never be a good idea.

6. Competitors: before starting your logo design, have the reflex to analyze the visual universe of your competitors. This is done both in the idea of knowing their logos, to stand out and to try to do better than them. You can use Google Image to do your competitive research, without copying your competitors’ ideas and color codes. This will allow you to distinguish yourself more quickly, but also to have a clearer view of the visual themes generally used in your market.

7. Pictogram or symbol: when it comes to illustration, you have a wide range of choices: pictogram, monogram, symbol or mascot. The important thing is to choose a distinctive symbol that represents your company and its values. As seen in point 5, be sure to stay sober. A single symbol is more than enough!

8. Avoid Cliches: every three or four years, new fashions and trends appear in the world of graphic design. Five years ago, fashion was Web 2.0 or 3D… and all the logos that were inspired by it ended up looking the same. Don’t rely on fashion, because your logo must be both original and timeless.

9. The hidden double meaning: the double meaning is undoubtedly the most formidable weapon when customizing your logo but also the most delicate to handle. By creating a double meaning with “negative spaces”, your logo will be even more striking. Take the Fedex logo and its famous arrow as an example.

10. Adaptation: a good logo must be able to blend easily, both on a white background and on any colour (because it can be printed on different colored supports). If your logo is black and you want to adapt it on a dark background, consider creating a variant of white. This will not harm your visual identity, and will allow you to adapt your company logo to any type of media.

With all these tips in mind, all you have to do now is start creating your company logo! Remember that a logo is not created in an hour. Take the time to multiply the proposals, test each prototype and ask your family and colleagues for their opinions.

If you follow our advice carefully, you will have all the cards in hand to make your logo as attractive as it is effective! To know more how to design own logo and standout from other competitors, please feel free to call us on +91-124-4207905 or contact us by clicking here.

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