10 Tips For Creating A Corporate Brochure

corporate brochure designing

The purpose of the article is to present the best practices for producing the best selling business brochures possible.

Here are 10 tips to remember:

  • It is important to highlight the information in order to “mash” the reading work to the client.
  • You have to prioritize the texts to allow a quick scanning of the pages.
  • Space has to be optimized to make maximum use of it, without compromising readability.
  • You have to put captions for the screenshots and illustrations.
  • A summary table should be included to allow customers to easily compare several offers.
  • It is important to emphasize the benefits for the customer rather than the functionality of the product.
  • The booklet should be read from the cover thanks to a catchphrase that appeals to the reader.
  • Duplicate texts should be removed and ideas grouped by theme.
  • You must not hesitate to define the technical terms contained in your mailings, even if it means being a teacher.
  • You have to show the final result brought by your product to the end user.

Most important formats of commercial documents

  • The product sheet (A4 – 21 cm x 29,7): It is the ideal tool to present all the characteristics of a product. Its use is more intended for Internet sites (in PDF), or at the time of the commercial appointments in complement of an estimate. To make it, simply take the size of an A4 page (minus lost margins) and layout your text and visuals.
  • The Flyer (A5 for a half page A4, A6 for a third of a page A4): It is the tool to distribute massively (competitions, street marketing, promotion…), its format allows to display 1 simple message and an easy acceptance of the flyer by your prospects. However, it should not be used as a product sheet because it does not give a “serious image of the product”.
  • The 3-panel leaflet (A4 folded in an accordion of 3 parts): ideal for distribution in a show, at the point of sale… It allows you to present your products, your brand… in a simple and synthetic way. Its cost is relatively inexpensive, but you should plan to make at least 500 or 1000 to avoid a high unit cost.
  • The advertising postcard (small (14 cm x 10 cm) or large format): this tool is not widely used in India, whereas it is widely used in the USA. However, it is a very effective tool for communicating a product or service to its customer base or as a customer loyalty tool. Its cost is relatively high, since in addition to the production cost you have to add the stamp, the envelope and the address label.

If you want to design your own corporate brochure without any knowledge of graphics? Download Word and Publisher templates of corporate brochures, flyers directly on the Microsoft website!

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