10 Tips for a Successful Social Media Strategy

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Worldwide, 2.46 billion people currently use social media, and the trend is rising. Perfect for marketers, because social media marketing reaches the respective target audiences very precisely. Blind, however, should never be started in marketing, which is why a social media strategy is indispensable. Experience is the key to success, but it takes time to gather it. That’s why we are happy to share our own experience and give you 10 tips on how to develop a successful social media strategy.

1. Develop persona

Your persona is the foundation for all your marketing and sales activities. Before you can start planning your social media campaigns, you need to know who you are planning them for. What are the challenges (pain points) your target customers are facing on the Internet, where do they spend their time and what are they generally interested in? Once these questions have been answered, the content creation process begins. Always remember that you are the problem solver for your persona. So always ask yourself what problems your persona is dealing with and how you can help as a marketer.

2. Develop Customer Journey

The Customer Journey is about putting your persona into one of the three phases they go through before buying a product: the attention, consideration or decision phase. This plays a major role in content creation. Because in social networks, too, your content should be tailored to your persona’s customer journey.

3. The agony of choice: select social media channels

Social media platforms are like sand on the sea. Therefore, it is your task to find those with which you can best reach your previously defined persona. Here it can also help to take a look at the competition. What platforms does it use and how successful is its presence there?

4. configure social media channels

Once you have decided on some social media channels, it’s time to create your profile. Use this opportunity to present yourself to your audience in the best possible way – with a good description and suitable pictures. Follow your corporate philosophy and your corporate design to create recognition value.

5. Select posting frequency and times

This point is also strongly persona-oriented again. When does your persona stay on which channels? Does she check social media during breakfast, lunch break or in the evening after coming home? Try to answer these questions with research and react with your social media strategy.

6. Identify influencers

Influencers have long since become indispensable in the modern digital world. They often have an enormous reach and a strong effect on their followers. The keyword: Community Building. Follow others, get in touch via social media and increase your chances that your content will be shared by others.

7. Social media content creation

Content is the focus of every social media strategy. Therefore, it should be tailored to the interests, needs and goals of the buyer persona and be written along the customer journey. In addition, the social media content plan should correspond to the business goals, i.e. to work towards long-term goals. You should also keep in mind that every social network is different and requires different types of content. It also shows that you’re worried about your customers and don’t let an algorithm work for you.

8. Dialogue

Dialogue is an important component of your social media presence. If you constantly interact actively with your prospects and customers, they will feel taken seriously and your reputation will increase. And as the Influencer Tip already says, only a satisfied community guarantees your success.

9. Analysis

Analysis is enormously important. After all, you want to constantly improve and this is only possible if you find your weak points. Listen to the community feedback here or use some other possibilities, which we have summarized for you in a separate article.

10. And a final tip: Don’t be advertising!

Your top priority in social media marketing should never be pure sales promotion. You are still the problem solver, want to understand your persona and help her. Social media are the perfect relationship management. Through interactions you build trust and increase customer proximity. Think long-term – fast success is usually only short-lived!


Perhaps you are just starting out in social media marketing and are still unsure how to approach it. We speak from experience when we tell you – the tips have proven themselves. So why not take a few to heart and design a social media strategy that goes through the air? To know more about social media strategies and Facebook marketing, call us on +91-124-4207905 or email us at reachout@cruxcreativesolutions.com.

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