10 advantages of brochures

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Many people say: brochures are expensive. Brochures are a dusty artifact of earlier decades. Brochures are out. But are fewer brochures planned, printed and distributed as a result? Not at all.

Many companies continue to order classic image or product brochures and use them to boost sales. Because: A brochure conveys value and credibility, offers benefits and builds trust – and is therefore good for your image and your sales.

The advantages in detail:

1. Sales promoting

Imagine your brochure as a written sales conversation: They can raise the reader’s awareness of problems, dissolve fears and resistance to buying, present the benefits of the product in detail and invite the reader to take concrete action.

And you can use additional trust-building features, such as testimonials or case studies. If you take these points into account when planning your brochure, you will create a powerful sales tool.

2. Credible

In some industries, a company is only a real company when it has a brochure. A well-made brochure still stands for trustworthiness, reliability, quality and authenticity. For such companies, a brochure is just as important as a business card – customers simply expect a brochure.

3. Useful

A brochure informs and convinces – with interesting contents and cleverly argued product benefits. But you can integrate all kinds of other useful features – these make sure that the reader keeps the brochure and takes it at hand over and over again.

Think about how you can create sustainable added value: through case studies, supplements, F&A, checklists, tips, etc.

4. Practical

A brochure is usually thin, foldable and has space in every pocket. The reader is not dependent on computers or Internet access and can pass the brochure on to colleagues and business partners at any time. A piece of independence from the grid and electricity.

5. Versatile

You can use brochures in many different ways: as a supplement to your advertising letter, as a product supplement and, of course, as support during sales talks. You can include small newsletters, checklists, white papers, CDs and DVDs, product samples and much more. In addition, brochures can be printed in the most unusual formats.

6. Familiar

A brochure is as familiar as a book. Everyone knows it, knows how to handle it and does not have to deal with new technologies, complicated web addresses, “under construction” messages, difficult to read online fonts or difficult navigation on company websites.

And in view of globalization, virtualization and technology, this familiarity of an advertising medium is an advantage not to be underestimated – especially among more conservative target groups.

7. Personally

A brochure is less personal than an advertising letter, but more individual than an advertisement or a website. This can be the case, for example, if it is sent with a cover letter that responds as precisely as possible to the situation and wishes of specific customers or target groups. Or if you include a success story describing a project that can also be applied to a specific customer’s situation. Or if you have the envelope personalized thanks to new printing processes.

8. Visual

Emotional photos in large format? As a double page in an A4 brochure no problem. Where advertisements, advertising letters or newsletters reach their limits, you can use brochures as an extremely visual medium and combine text and image to form a strong unit. This way you address your target group on several communication levels.

9. Supplementary

You can support your online campaigns with print media such as brochures. Offline and online complement each other, compensate their weaknesses and thereby strengthen the marketing mix. Coordinate these media, for example with regard to the depth of information.

10. Binding

If you are interested in one – and that’s what matters! – and above all useful brochure, which offers real added value, it is almost like a gift. And anyone who receives a gift would like to return the favor – this is a normal, interpersonal phenomenon.

Not that the prospective customer buys from you in return for your brochure but he will at least feel compelled to give you more time and attention. In this way, you create a piece of sales-promoting commitment with a customer- and benefit-oriented brochure.

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