Email marketing: which colours to choose

Any colours used can have an impact on the effectiveness of your emailer design. The notion of colour psychology therefore plays a very important role. We will describe in the next paragraphs the importance of colors. The use of one colour rather than another can influence the following objectives: The opening rate The click-through rate The reactivity rate Churn rate […]

How to create strong brochure – Tips for content and concept

Despite websites, newsletters, etc., brochures still have a firm place among marketing instruments. And rightly so. Because unlike the volatile online media, brochures with a well thought-out concept and informative content have a lasting value. They give weight to a company’s statements and describe the offer in condensed form. They also give a company a visual dimension: a well-designed brochure […]

How To Automate Social Networks Intelligently

For many years, social media have become essential for communication and marketing strategy. There are some social media for all needs: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and many others. Each of these media is an acquisition channel for your marketing strategy and you should not deprive yourself of it! There is however a major problem: sharing content […]

5 Reasons to use animated explainer videos and whiteboards to promote your business

When it comes to making our company known and offering our products and services, it’s quite complicated because our potential customers have 10,000 things to do and they won’t stop to read or listen to everything we have to tell them about our business. What should we do? how do we capture and keep the attention of potential customers while […]